Friday, April 29, 2011

Vizio XVT system 3D TV - 72 "flat screen 3D TV


Another year, another giant screen Vizio, but this time comes in the form of a giant 72-inch flat-screen 3D TV. Top Model last year was the 55-inch backlit-XVT, complete with Wi-Fi, a very competitive $ 2K came. Now, fast forward 12 months a year with this offer IT system High-tech, high-spec, and a whole 72 inches LCD TV panel which may be more tempted to 3d.

The upper part of the area Vizio XVT, that in August, the SportsWireless HD Vizio applications platform widget internet and wireless N, all enclosed behind an impressive 72-inch flicker, 480Hz, 3D enabled, LCD and all for an incredible $ 3.5K.

For those with limited budgets or apartment rooms offer an alternative Vizio 47 and 55 inch models. These have identical functions, such as reduction of 3D performance and will also sport a new anti-reflection of the annoying glare when lighting is not perfect. The 47 inch versionwill be priced at about $ 2K with 55-inch exit at $ 2.5K. have not for some reason the company a 60-inch version of something stuck in there, perhaps a decision in the future I think it might rue losing the prices they get in their area and make the wide gap existing between the ages of 55 and models 72-inch (and prices).

All three models display Sensio 3D technology and the most important in 3-D LCD glasses of use are the latest offerXpand dancing, all singing, all active Bluetooth synchronization type of shot. A wireless HDMI adapter can be purchased separately, has 4 HDMI inputs that use the bandwidth of 60 GHz for HD signals explosion.

It can be used to take a little 'to do it, but it seems like this time is 3D here to stay. Range Vizio XVT have set a benchmark with the 3D TV system. You can not win any design awards, but for the larger flat-screen TV 3D, these prices arevery difficult to beat.

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